Registration Fees

Session types and formats

If your abstract has been accepted into the program, it has been allocated to one of these session types:

  • Oral Presentation, 20 minutes
  • Poster sessions
  • Workshops and discussion,90 minutes
  • Virtual presentations

Oral Presentation
A technical session will include minimum of 4 and maximum of 7 short presentations. The time allocated to your presentation is 20 minutes, including time for the chair to introduce the speakers, presentation time and Q&A.

Oral Presentations will be run using a format similar to this:
  • 15 minutes for presentation
  • 05 Minutes for Q&A
  • 10 minutes final remarks from chair at the end of the technical session
As other sessions will be scheduled at the same time, delegates may switch from one room to another and may not necessarily stay in one session. It is important for the chair and presenters to stick to their allocated time and for the Q&A to follow each presentation (during the 20-minute allocated time slot).

Role of the chair
The session chair will be appointed by the conference chair of the Conference. The chair will introduce speakers, facilitate the Q&A, provide final notes and ensure the session runs smoothly and on time. The chair will receive a document to review presentations and allocate marks accordingly to select best presentations.

Poster Sessions
A poster session is 60 minutes and is scheduled concurrently with other sessions in the conference program. Posters are grouped by key interest area and each session will feature 02 to 04 posters. During the first part of the session, each poster presenter will have 3-5 minutes to present their topic. The objective of the 3-5 minute introduction is to set the scene and provide the main points about the poster.
Once all presenters have presented, the group will then break up into smaller groups and continue the discussion next to the poster boards.

Role of the poster session chair
The chair of the poster session will be there to help presenters manage the group and help facilitate the discussion. The chair will briefly introduce the presenters at the start of the session and provide a brief explanation of how the session will run. Once all the presentations are completed, the presenters and delegates will physically move to the Poster Zone (where the actual poster boards are located) and continue the discussion and Q&A next to their actual poster, in smaller groups. If there is more than one poster in a session, the chair can assist in breaking up the group into smaller groups.

Poster specifications
  • All posters should be a visual presentation of your submitted abstract.
  • The poster must be no larger than 3 ft Height * 2 ft Width
  • Orientation of your poster must be portrait.
  • Regular paper is acceptable, as well as Corflute® or thicker cardboard. Please do not use fabric.
  • Posters made up of multiple pages will not be accepted.
  • The poster should be easily readable at a distance of 1.5 meters.
We will not provide poster presenters with individual chairs and tables. There are several seating spaces in the conference Hall.
Workshops and Discussion, 90 minutes

Workshops have been allocated a full session of 90 minutes. Presenters have approximately 60 minutes for the presentations and 30 minutes for the discussion. The presentation must include time for the discussion. Minimum of 2 presenters and maximum of 5 presenters can register into one workshop. Activity and interaction are vital parts of these workshops.

Virtual Presentations

If you wish your paper to be published in Conference Publications, but will not able to attend the conference, you have an option to register as a “virtual presenter”.

  • Abstracts and papers will be published in conference proceedings
  • Upload a presentation of your paper to conference website and "author STREAM"
  • Submit your paper for peer review to the supporting Journals
  • An author certificate, Proceeding book and conference materials will be posted to every virtual presenter after the conference

Payment method for conference participants

1. For Foreign Participants / BANK TRANSFER (TT)
BANK NAME Hatton National Bank 479, T. B. Jayah Mawatha (Darley Road), P.O. Box 837, Colombo 10, Sri Lanka.
BRANCH Homagama
BENEFICIARY The International Institute of Knowledge Management(Pvt)Ltd
ADDRESS OF BENEFICIARY #288/1/1, Old Kottawa Road, Embuldeniya, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka.
ACCOUNT NUMBER 077910146135

The conference secretariat should receive the exact amount of registration fees. If not, the participant has to pay the balance due at the registration desk.

Therefore, the participant has to add US$ 5-10 for the international transaction cost. Any addition received will be reimbursed at the Registration Desk.

2) Online Payment System

We have developed online payment system. Therefore, you can pay your registration fee by your credit card (Visa card and Master card only). But, you have to add extra USD20 to your registration fee for bank charges. Please put your invoice number or paper ID under Invoice/Order Number.

3. For Sri Lankan Participants
BANK NAME Hatton National Bank
BRANCH Homagama
BENEFICIARY The International Institute of Knowledge Management(Pvt)Ltd
ACCOUNT NUMBER 077010016840
Please email a scanned copy of the remittance advice to as proof of payment.